The miRpredX 31-3p kit contains all of the RTqPCR reagents needed for measuring the expression of miR-31-3p in FFPE samples.

Standard curve components
Standard 1Standard
(100ng tRNA)
LiquidWhiteS110 µL-15°C to -25°C
Standard 2Standard
(50ng tRNA)
LiquidWhiteS210 µL-15°C to -25°C
Standard 3Standard
(5ng tRNA)
LiquidWhiteS310 µL-15°C to -25°C
Standard 4Standard
(0.5ng tRNA)
LiquidWhiteS410 µL-15°C to -25°C
RT Reagents
NTP Premix ABuffer and dNTPLiquidBlueRT160 µL-15°C to -25°C
RT Premix BReverse transcriptase and RNase inhibitorLiquidBlueRT240 µL-15°C to -25°C
miR-31-3p primerPrimerLiquidBluePI50 µL-15°C to -25°C
miR-calibrator primerPrimerLiquidBluePN50 µL-15°C to -25°C
PCR Reagents
qPCR Master MixMaster Mix qPCR, no UNGLiquidRedqPCR MM980 µL+2°C to +8°C
miR-31-3p probe

ProbeLiquidRedAI100 µL-15°C to -25°C
miR-calibrator probeProbeLiquidRedAN100 µL-15°C to -25°C
Water, nuclease-freeWater for molecular biology (sterile, nuclease free)LiquidRedH2O750 µL-15°C to -25°C

The miRpredX 31-3p test kit has received IVD CE Mark approval and is commercially available in countries recognizing the CE Mark, or with applicable health authority registrations. The miRpredX 31-3p test kit is not available for sale in the United States.

For professional use only.