The ARISk Test is a genetic test designed to identify the risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children who have signs of developmental delay, a clinical suspicion of autism, or an older sibling previously diagnosed with an ASD.

 “Because the sooner you know, the better”



The ARISk® Test is designed to help physicians and parents identify children who are at increased risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in order to allow for earlier diagnosis and intervention options. The ARISk Test is comprised of a large number of specific genetic markers called (single-nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) which help to determine an individual child’s risk of having ASD.


Facts about the ARISk® Test

  • Intended for children with early signs of developmental delay or ASD and in children who have older siblings previously diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
  • A genetic score, based on the total number of genetic markers associated with autism identified, is used to estimate the child’s risk of developing ASD.
  • Arisk-autism-genetic-test-kitThe test does not confirm or rule out a diagnosis of ASD for the child tested.
  • The test is intended to be used together with a clinical evaluation and other developmental screening tools.
  • The estimate indicates the child’s risk of developing an ASD as compared to other children who have similar characteristics.
  • Intended for use for children 48 months and younger. The ARISk Test is not available for prenatal testing.